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To aid in the recycling of unwanted empty laser toner and inkjet cartridges, MossyOffice.com has several different methods of collection, ranging from reply paid envelopes and collection boxes, to pallet consignments.

To help choose the best method for your business, see below for details of those available.

However, if you are still unsure of which method to use, please email Sales@MossyOffice.com and we will be happy to help select the best for you.

The Collection Point Box

The Collection Point Box

To assist in collecting empty laser & inkjet cartridges, MossyOffice.com can provide a cardboard Collection Point Box.

The boxes have been designed to safely store up to 18 laser cartridges, up to 1000 inkjets or a combination of both.

Collection boxes are a great way to encourage donations, and can be placed in strategic areas in your offices to help promote the recycling scheme.

The Reply Paid Envelope

The Reply Paid Envelope

Specifically designed for the return of inkjet cartridges, the reply paid envelope offers a quick and convenient way to donate these smaller items for recycling. 

To make use of the Reply Paid Envelope Scheme, insert the inkjet cartridge into the envelope, seal, and drop in the mail box - it's that simple.

Dispenser Box

There is also a dispenser box available, which is ideal for placing on reception desks.

These hold the envelopes neatly and conveniently, allowing people to help themselves.

The envelopes and dispenser box are free and the postage has already been paid, so there is no charge to yourself.

The Bundle System

The Bundle System

The Bundle System was introduced in response to the wishes of a number of customers who wanted the entire cartridge, complete with its packaging, collected. 

Empty laser cartridges need to be placed in the bag, end caps and original carton from the replacement cartridge. 

Alternatively, two cartridges can be placed in each carton. 

Seal the carton closed, and once there is a minimum of 15 cartridges, place them together and combine into a single bundle using wide packing tape.

Once the above has been completed, please call MossyOffice.com to arrange your collection.

The Recycling Cartridge Carrier

The Recycling Cartridge Carrier

Made from tough 350 gauge polythene, the carrier has been designed to hold laser cartridges in their original packaging.

However, unlike the cardboard box scheme, which could take up valuable office space, the carrier only comes into effect when gathering the cartridges together for a collection.

Once 15 cartridges are enclosed, the carrier can be sealed securely with a security tie or wide packing tape, and a call to MossyOffice.com will arrange for its collection.

Pallet Collections

Pallet Collections

For the client with a large turnover of empty cartridges, MossyOffice.com can arrange for the free collection of cartridges on pallets.

All pallet collections are carried out by our designated haulage company, which is registered with the Environment Agency to collect empty toner cartridges. 

Once a minimum of 40 cartridges are collected and shrink wrapped securely, MossyOffice.com will arrange to collect the pallet.

Once you have signed up to the business collection scheme, you will receive:

⇒ The collection media of your choice, be it a collection point box or reply paid envelopes etc

⇒ A waste transfer note, valid for 12 months

MossyOffice.com reserves the right to charge companies under the business collection scheme should they fail to return items of value, otherwise these services will be free of charge.

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